ballet is a dance executed
by the human soul

Adult Ballet Classes

Whether you’re a former ballerina or new to dance completely, it’s never too late to take up ballet classes. Newcastle Dance Academy offer Adult Ballet for anyone over 18 looking for fitness and fun.

Our experienced instructors are passionate about ballet as the foundation of dance and are keen to share this in an enjoyable, supportive learning environment. Student safety is our number one priority and our focus is always on learning ‘the right way’.

The physical and health benefits of taking ballet classes include; greater core strength, improved posture, better fitness and flexibility and an increase in agility, balance, co-ordination and stamina. This will have numerous benefits for the day-to-day challenges of regular adult life. The physicality involved will also help to maintain a healthy body weight and BMI, which typically becomes more difficult as we age.

It’s also worth noting, that there are numerous psychological benefits involved with participation in cultural arts and dancing which include; the development of healthy adult friendships, confidence and boosted self-esteem. Our adult students are treated as any other student within Newcastle Dance Academy and will be taught from a program adapted to their needs and abilities.

Classes will run per term just as regular classes will, though no commitment to performance and competition is required. We are open for any adult, aged 18 years or over, who is interested in learning, or continuing to learn the art of ballet.

For more information regarding our Adult Ballet Classes, don’t hesitate to phone our office and speak with us on 4961 6233.

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