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Studio Guidelines


Take pride in your appearance. Always present immaculately for class in full school uniform. Girls must always have their hair secured neatly in a bun with net and pins. Coloured scrunchies or ribbons are to be worn around the bun. Boys’ hair must be clean and combed, with any long hair tied back. Remove jewellery and watches. Small stud earrings are permitted.

Arrive prepared for class with all necessary equipment, having had a healthy snack to sustain you through class. It is expected that students practice choreography at home so that class time can be best utilised for correction and perfection. It is expected that students practice eisteddfod dance choreography at home so that their private lesson time can be best utilised for correction and perfection. Take pride in your school. Treat your teachers, classmates and school facilities with thought and respect. Always dance to the best of your ability. Approach your dance education with intelligence, diligence and passion. And remember…You do not determine your success by comparing yourself to others but by comparing your accomplishments to your capabilities. You are “number one” when you do the best with what you have, every day.


All female teachers will be addressed by the title of “Miss” e.g.: Miss Tracy, Miss Roxanne etc. Please respect the studio and its facilities. Dressing rooms, toilets and eating areas should be kept clean and tidy. Please wash your own dishes after using the canteen facilities. It is expected that all students put rubbish in bins and keep their areas tidy.



Parents are not allowed to view classes or private lessons as this is a distraction to both students and teachers. If you need to speak with the principals or a member of staff you must make an appointment by contacting Michelle. If the phone is unattended, please leave your name and message and we will contact you. Please note: no phone calls are to be made to the private homes of any teachers. Please respect our family time.


Every endeavour is made to ensure that no injuries occur during the hours of operation at the studio and the safety of the children whilst at ballet is a concern we take very seriously.

Medicare numbers are required in the case of an emergency where a student may need hospital attention. We will not administer any medication, including pain relief, without the Student Health Record section on our enrolment form being completed and signed.

Please ensure your children know not to leave the premises without a parent. Parking – parents please be considerate of our neighbouring businesses when parking your vehicles. Please do not park over any driveway or double park to drop off. Please do not park up on our premises either; this is for NDA staff only.


Fees are an integral part of the successful running of our Academy.

Once off enrolment fee of $50.00 payable once per year.

Students attending only one class per week are required to pay fees by the full term option.

Students doing two (2) or more classes per week have the option of paying as follows:

Full term fee in one payment (payable by week 5 of the term).

Weekly fees to be paid by the end of the week the total term fee must be paid by the start of the last week in the term Term 4 fees are to be finalised by the end of second last week of this term.

If you would like to make other arrangements, e.g. fortnightly payments or direct deposit please ask Michelle for banking details.

In lieu of fundraising, Newcastle Dance Academy has a fee that is added to your term accounts in Terms 3 & 4 to help with student facilities and End of year Production.

There is a concert commitment fee which is a deposit of $50.00 per student. This fee secures your place in the end of year production and ordering of costumes.

Full weekly fees are to be paid:

whether classes are attended or not. This also applies when the studio is closed on Public Holidays as extra rehearsals throughout the year are not charged.

if the child is absent from classes or private lessons because of family holidays or school camps, excursions etc if the child is absent during the week due to illness.

if you make a cancellation of any lesson.

If there is a cancellation is due to the Academy Timetable or a teacher is away ill, arrangements will be made to make up the lessons.

NOTE: A term’s notice must be given to cancel lessons. Personal problems concerning fees must be discussed with the Principals as fees in arrears of specified due dates will incur cancellation of private tuition and or classes and will incur a $25.00 administration fee per term for balances under $200.00 and 5% for balances of $200.00 and over.


The students are required to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the commencement of the lesson in order to correctly warmup before class to avoid injuries. Late students miss work and disturb class.

Please DO NOT interrupt on lesson times. If there is a matter to be discussed an appointment can be made by form of a note or email to the teacher and a time suitable will be scheduled for you. All meetings must be organised through the front office and approved by the principals. All students are to arrive and be picked up wearing street clothes covering their ballet attire. No ballet shoes are to be worn outside. No street shoes are to be worn into the studio. Children change in the dressing rooms where their clothes and shoes remain until leaving. Newcastle Dance Academy Jackets and T-shirts are available for purchase and must be worn to all Eisteddfods and functions. Please mark all ballet items clearly with your child’s name. Lost Property will be placed in a basket at the end of the week. Please come in to collect your lost items. They are easily retrieved if they own a name, if not it becomes a problem. At the end of each term we will donate all items not collected to charity.


Please leave your message on our answering machine and we will return your calls during office hours.


We appreciate your understanding and co-operation on these points, as it is only fair to the students in their lessons and to the teachers for the smooth running of our timetable. Mobile phones must be switched off during class times. If students wish to use the studio phone, the cost of a local call is 30 cents and mobile calls $1.00.


Newcastle Dance Academy’s canteen is a service provided for the benefit of the students and operates on Saturdays. Parents are welcome to volunteer your services for a few hours. Please see reception if you can spare a few hours on a Saturday. Any help is greatly appreciated, as are donations of food.

It is your choice whether you avail yourself of this service. Proceeds from the canteen are used to upgrade the facilities of the studio for the benefit of the students and all concerned.

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