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Royal Academy of Dance

The Royal Academy of Dance exams are recognised worldwide.  They allow you to develop musicality and artistry, reward your hard work and set goals to which you can aspire.

Whether you want to take on a new challenge, build confidence, keep fit, move to music, measure progress, improve your technique, or perform, the RAD exams are for you!

Creativity is at the heart of our syllabus.  RAD exams let you explore movement and expression, building self esteem and confidence, culminating in an examination.

We will guide you through the syllabus, which is structured for a natural progression to the higher levels.  The difficulty increases with your ability.  Anyone can be confident of learning and performing ballet and character technique in a sake and fun environment – whether your are aged 2 or 102! The Royal Academy of Dance offers the most prestigious dance exams that you can do, almost a dance passport.  It is internationally recognised, you can go anywhere with your dancing.

It is not just professional dancers who benefit from our exams.  Anyone at any age can become fitter, enjoy music and movement and build confidence through performance and control by rising to the challenge.

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