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“Melody Movement instills a love of dance making it a positive element of their early lives that stays with them forever. They learn from a young age how music, movement, dance and the imagination can be combined to tell a story and convey emotions.”

Melody Movement introduces children to dance and movement using the natural actions of the body such as running, walking, jumping, hopping, skipping and galloping. It is structured to aid children’s physical development, coordination, spatial awareness, sensory development, creativity and self-expression, working individually, with a partner, or as a group.

Melody Movement also introduces children to other fundamental curriculum learning skills such as counting, color and shape recognition, vocabulary and language skills. The strength of the system is that learning is achieved through imaginative movement which is enjoyable and fun.

Melody Movement provides every child with the opportunity to discover and fulfill their own potential whilst nurturing creative development.

What is the Melody Movement?

Melody Bear is the focal point of the early years syllabi and her imaginative stories, music, songs and picture cards
create an inspirational world of dance and movement. The non-competitive syllabi and award schemes motivate,
delight and inspire the young dancers as they advance from Little Bear Feet classes to the Junior Ballet levels, allowing
every child to achieve and shine.

Child Safety a Top Priority

Our classes are held in fully equipped studios with sprung floors, mirrors and air conditioning. Our instructors are carefully selected for their experience and nurturing personalities and all have working with children checks. Our classes are closely monitored by the experienced studio owner also being in the classroom.

Bubbarinas Class Timetable

Melody Movement (2 - 4 years)

The magical world of Melody Bear

Melody Bear invites children into her magical world of dance with Melody Movement Early Learning. It is a creative and inspiring portfolio of age-appropriate syllabi, supported by an innovative award scheme, progressing children of all abilities through the fundamentals of ballet, tap, modern dance and movement, from Little Bear Feet for toddlers through to Junior Ballet for Primary-aged children and the Ballet Classique awards for the maturing student.

Melody Bear has arrived at her dancing class ready to dance with all the girls and boys.What will we do today?

Melody Bear joins our Melody Movement classes to share her stories, ideas and life outside the dance studio with the young dancers. Children bring their own teddies and dolls and they sit them together with Melody Bear in the centre of the studio. Milligan Bear is Melody Bear’s best friend and he sits with Melody Bear too. The class starts with Melody Bears warm up songs danced around her and her toy friends. Melody Bear is then positioned on her chair, with the children’s toys to watch the travelling and skill based exercises. Many exercises link together to lead the class through the narrative of Melody Bear’s adventures and themes.

The teacher brings Melody Bear back to the group when it is time to share Melody Bear’s story or ‘surprise’ leading into an exciting creative theme. Props and dressing-up may also be included in this section. Melody Bear’s many creative themes include a combination of magical tales and real-life stories helping children to develop imagination, role-play skills and to learn about the world around them. The class finishes with Melody Bear’s goodbye song or lullaby. Before everyone goes home, Melody Bear presents a sticker to each child telling them which movement or dance she liked best of all that week. Sometimes one of the dancers may have a ‘special day’ as she has completed two sticker charts. She enjoys holding Melody Bear at the front of the train dance and Melody Bear presents her with a medal. All her classmates applaud and share her celebration.

As the children mature, the Melody Bear classes reflect this in the syllabus content and class structure, but her creative element remains a constant thread throughout the curriculum.

The Melody & Milligan Show

All of our dancers have the option of participating in a concert once a year. The concerts are held during the day rather than a late evening performance. This gives our little dancers their best chance to shine and makes the experience more affordable for our families. The concerts are held in professional venues.

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Milligan Bear (2 - 4 year old boys)

Milligan Bear is Melody Bear’s best friend. He has his own songs, music, stories and dance themes for boys who love to dance in addition to his own stickers and medals.

Milligan Bear (2 - 4 year old boys)

This syllabus is available to licensed Melody Movement teachers. Girls and boys love his energetic theme song. His creative themes include Melody and Milligan explore the five senses, Milligan Bear goes to the moon, Melody Bear and the Frog Prince, Milligan Bear’s sports day, Milligan Bear and the dragon, Milligan Bear is a pirate and Milligan Bear is a pilot.

In our classes we look at the pictures and talk about the stories. The pictures provide ideas for our dances. It’s fun to pretend it’s sports day and try to jump high and run fast. We take a train journey too for more adventures with Milligan Bear.

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First Steps Ballet (4 - 5 years)

First steps Ballet with Melody Bear is the follow-on syllabus to Melody Movement, introducing simple ballet techniques within the creative and nurturing environment of Melody Bear’s world.

The syllabus is recommended for children aged 4 to 5 years. In addition to an exciting variety of set exercises, creativity is explored with dances based on fairy stories with Melody Bear dancing as Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel and the Tale of the Turnip.

Additional fun themes include Melody Bear’s Octopus dance, Sleeping Ballerinas, New Shoes, Water Lilies, Friends in a House, the Magic Pool, and the ‘Surprise’ with each theme focusing on a different movement skill.

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Tip Tap Toe & Groovy Moves (2 - 4 years)

Tip Tap Toe & Groovy Moves is a combined modern and tap syllabus for pre-school children aged 2 to 4 years.  

The class plan is a journey on Melody Bear’s Fun Bus stopping at the Games Stop, the Musical Stop, the Rocket Stop to Planet Groove and more!  

Groovy Moves songs and exercises include a fun warm-up song ‘Shake your leg and twist your hips’, a counting song, the ‘Star Stretch’, musical games, ball dance and ‘Make your Move on Planet Groove!’  The final stop is Melody Bear’s Tip Tap Toe stop for lots of fun tap dance ideas including the ‘Boogie Woogie Bend and Bounce’, ‘Magic Shoes’, ‘Disco Bears’, ‘Hawaiian Tap’, ‘Melody Bear’s Cheerleading Song’ and ‘Line Dance’ to name a few.

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First Tap and Modernt (4 - 5 years)

Our fun First Tap & Modern syllabus, is the step up from Tip Tap Toe & Groovy Moves with Melody Bear. Join Melody Bear to look at ways we learn and the exciting syllabus develops skills through stories and creative exercises.

Ideas explored include the warm up song, ‘Melody Bear says Ciao!’ where children learn to say greetings in different languages and the ‘Learn and Share’ song which has everyone lining up for school as the school bell rings.

No one wants to be late for Melody Bear’s lessons! The Jelly Walks and Dot to Dot tap make tap exercises fun and Melody Bear’s Spanish Mumba and Canadian Hoedown have everyone dancing!  Other themes and exercises include: Bubbles in the Bath, Hide and Seek, Queen of Bhangra, Magic Glove, Dice Games and French Picnic to name a few.  Great songs, tunes and exercises to inspire and engage young dancers.

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