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Our Mission

Our philosophy is to create a wonderful environment where children can not only grow as dancers, but grow as people.
In that process, they will take with them a lifelong passion for dance and a belief that anything is possible.


We the dancers, faculty and staff of Newcastle Dance Academy are a vibrant community of people who have a high regard for each other, the art of dance, and the responsibility and value of the work we do. All who participate are requested to demonstrate the willingness to be held accountable to uphold the values and ethics we declare as the fundamental guidelines stated below. In all of our endeavours to study and perform as an expression of our love of dance, we show respect to the parents, our peers, the staff and faculty of Newcastle Dance Academy and all of the wider dance community, including our competition. We consider it a privilege to participate in worldwide community for the performing art of dance exemplifying the values of integrity, character, leadership, responsibility, professionalism and passion.


To conduct oneself with honesty, courtesy and respect. To express consideration for one’s fellow dancers, educators, parents, staff and competitors. To be a person who leads by example and honours commitments. To be a person other people can count on.


To guide, direct and influence people in achieving their highest goals and ideals. By setting an example through one’s actions and speech. To inspire and serve the people of your class, team or community through full participation in all dance related activities.


To respect and adhere to the policies and procedures of the studio or the organisers of any conference, workshop or competition. TO be a person who interacts with peers and authority figures in a mature manner. To question authority in a respectful manner. To speak of any issue or grievance to the person who is able to resolve any concern. To be willing to receive coaching and direction when deemed appropriate.


To be a person who represents high levels of personal integrity, leadership, and responsibility for oneself and others. A person who has the courage and willingness to face issues and concerns with maturity and dignity. To avoid gossip, criticism or denigrating comments for any member of the dance community, parents or peers.


To respect the dance profession and uphold our values and standards of conduct. To support and encourage one another. To voice opinions and initiate change that will elevate the dance community. To recognise oneself as a role model at all times. To love the study and performance of dance as a universal art form.


We are passionate about dance as an art that brings emotions and stories to life. We enjoy the beauty, grace, elegance and pure excitement that dance can bring to our students, and the pleasure and pride it inspires in those who are watching the journey.

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