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Diploma of Professional Dance
(Elite Performance)

Studying with Newcastle Dance Academy, the full-time Diploma in Professional Dance course is delivered and assessed as an integrated teaching strategy structured as a framework of five Focus Areas:

Focus Area 1 Conditioning

  • CUADAN514 Perform ballet solo variations
  • CUAWHS413 Incorporate anatomy principles into skill development
  • CUAWHS511 Maintain a high level of fitness for performance

Focus Area 2 Technique

  • CUADAN511 Refine ballet techniques
  • CUADAN512 Refine ballet performance skills
  • CUADAN515 Refine contemporary dance techniques
  • CUADAN517 Refine dance partnering skills
  • CUADAN519 Refine pointe work techniques
  • CUADAN513 Perform repertoire for corps de ballet
  • CUADAN531 Refine dance techniques

Focus Area 3 Career

  • CUAPPR512 Develop sustainability of own professional practice
  • CUARES503 Analyse cultural history and theory

Focus Area 4 Choreography

  • CUACHR511 Create and perform complex dance pieces

Focus Area 5 Performance

  • CUAPRF511 Refine performance techniques
  • CUAPRF513 Prepare for and perform in competitive environments
  • CUAMUP511 Apply theatrical make-up and hair styles
  • CUAACT411 Use acting techniques in performance


Studio Registration Fee


Course Fees*

$500 Payable on Enrolment

Terms 1, 2, 3 & 4 |
$3,250 per term

Private Tuition

$70.00 - 1 hour lesson

$40.00 - 1/2 hour lesson


Solo Performance - TBA

Concert Performance - TBA

Eisteddford/Competition Entry Fees - TBA

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