COVID 19 Update

Dear Families,

A big dancing HELLO to you all…

We hope you are all well and staying safe. We are definitely thinking of you as you settle back into lockdown life with the children at home, helping them with home schooling and pretty much just trying to stay sane!

Our thoughts when this lockdown was announced last Thursday was to bunker down and pray! For us it was just one week too soon, as you all know the ‘doomed’ showcase has yet to make it’s performance and the vocational exam students did not make it to this Thursday. Once we return back to normal we will work towards these exams with the RAD and the timeframe they give us. Showcase? – who knows…

We had hoped that this lockdown would only be for the week and that you would enjoy a mini break without us zooming straight back into your lives! Here’s the BUT, we think and you will most likely agree, that this lockdown will be extended and we will be back zooming into your homes with our dance classes, with the children dancing anywhere and everywhere they can to find a spot in the house to do so!

We do miss the kids and the happiness that dancing brings to our lives and theirs, the noise in the studio when they arrive, the laughing and smiling and the health benefits from just being together!

Our plan is to start the zoom classes on this Friday, as this was the day we were to return if the lockdown was only for the week. We will run a slightly altered timetable on Friday and Saturday, of which I will email out tomorrow and then I will send an email with details for the following week along with the zoom meeting ID and passwords. I am sure the children are more than ready to dance again, probably driving you all a little crazy by now!

If you do not wish to join us on zoom, we will be sad but understanding of your decisions. We will do our very best once again, to provide the children and families with the best we can in this situation and to keep our studio operating so there is our beautiful NDA to return to . Times are tough and we do not know how long this lockdown will be or how long it will take to get this horrible virus under control. All we do know is that we are all in this together and we will get through it together, we love to dance – it makes us smile! Thank you NDA families for your support.

Your Term 3 invoices have been credited the week we just closed for and if you are not zooming in please email us so we can adjust the credit on top as well. 

Goodbye to our beautiful Emma

Our showcase was to also feature Emma, congratulate her on her success and the new journey she is about to embark on and bid farewell!          This has not been possible and we are very sad that we are not spending the last weeks here with her. Emma leaves Australia on Thursday 19th August for Leeds, England. Emma joined NDA 7 years ago has been studying fulltime dance for the past 18 months, completing her Cert IV in Dance 2020 and studying her Diploma in Dance this year. She has had fantastic results in competitions this year, including finalist in the Classical Ballet Challenge and the RAD Isobel Anderson awards, completing her Advanced 2 examination with Distinction and the big success being her offer to the Graduate Year program at the Northern Ballet in Leeds. We are so very proud of her, her success and her bravery in these uncertain times. Emma brought great joy to us and her peers and we will miss her very much, especially her happiness, laughter and her very Aussie way! Never change beautiful girl, the English love a good Aussie! 

COVID 19 Update -
COVID 19 Update -

Bubbarina's and Ready Set Dance

Tricky, we know, trying to keep the little ones focused and engaged online, but we are very happy to give it ago again.

Here’s our thoughts moving forward with our precious young dancers.

  • Start zooming this Saturday and onwards until we return the studio.
  • Wait another week (no classes) and dance through the school holidays of 2 weeks. 

Please email us with your thoughts at

 Early learning experts encourage pre-schoolers to attend zoom classes during lockdown.

‘Zoom classes enable the continuation of relationships with teachers and peers. They also help to maintain memory.’ – Dr. Cathie Harrison

Let’s get the world moving one pre-schooler at a time!



Silver Swans

We hope you are well and keeping safe! Missing your dance and social outings I bet? We are thinking of you all as we navigate through this difficult time yet again!

What would you like to do ladies? Miss Roxanne is happy to go with the flow, just let us know and we will start to organise the zoom meetings and times etc.. and we will start next week.

Please email

Silver Swans

Adult Ballet

We hope you are well and staying safe also, as with the Swans we would like to offer the class but fully understand if its too hard for you.    Please know we will be here back in the studio when all this settles and classes can resume face to face and we will be ready to get you dancing again. 

Take care 

Adult Ballet

Please like us on FB and Insta to say your well wishes to Emma. 

Also search for the NDA parents page on FB so we can add everyone in, make it private and use for updates.

Thank you 

Happy Dancing and take care everyone!

Miss T, Miss R and the NDA team xxx

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