Theatre Rehearsal

Civic Theatre – Wednesday 1st December 2021 with costumes.

Thank you for your kind responses to our email and unwavering suppprt for your children and NDA. We have met with the Civic management and our day at the theatre looks like this. We undestand it still may not work for all our 11 years and under students but this is the best we could do with our timeframe.

12.30pm – Bump In – Tracy, Jamie and Roxanne 

12.30pm –

  • Staff and students 12 years and over, 
  • Parent helpers, 
  • Parents with 12 years and under children not vaccinated that can make it at this time,
  • Please meet in Wheeler Place for roll marking and proceed to Stage door and into Theatre.
  • Parents will then go into the foyer.

1.30pm Snow White – Act 1 and Act 2 and Bows 

3.30pm – Civic Staff break 1/2hour – Food Break!

If you are arriving from school please come to the foyer so we can sign in the children and take them into the theatre.

4.00pm – Jazz routines (6, 8, 10, 12, 14/seniors)

4.30pm – Lyrical routines ( 8, 10,12 and seniors)

5.00pm – Tap rotines 

5.30pm  – Contemporary

6.00 – Full-time ballet

6.30 – Silver Swans

7.00pm – Finish

We try our very best to stick to these times but it is a big day setting the stage places and plotting the lights, please be patient as we move through the day with the children.

 The day will still have in place all COVID safety plans, sign in and show vaccination certificate on arrival.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Happy Dancing! We are super excited to do this…

Miss T, Miss Roxanne and the NDA team!

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